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True soul mates   / Chiral HINSON (Wife)
The only true soul mates to Adam is his two sons Allen Seth Hinson and Andrew Killan Hinson. No matter what happens in this life God gave us the truth is, is that we find someone we love and we pray nothing happens to them and when it does your heart...  Continue >>
hi dad its seth   / Seth Hinson (son)
hi dad hope your ok everyday im growing in intelligence and in length i wish you were here for me for us
I am so sorry!!!!!!   / ??? ??? (true love )
Adam, I'm so sorry I turned my back on you that day you left my life. I know this is all my falt you would still be here if I would have been a little stronger for you. It's funny to I'm married and you know him. He tells me every now and then that...  Continue >>
I LOVE YOU!   / Jennifer Hinson (sister)
I miss you so much, Adam. Until we meet again, love your sister, Jennifer
I was shocked to say the least   / Shannon Doty (Friend from the day )
I can honestly say that when I found out what happened I was overly upset.  I had tried to look for you and had no idea you would have ened up in Arizona, stupid me.  All I wanted to know was how you were doing and all of the kids you had a...  Continue >>
Remeber Don Pedro  / Jason Sigman (best friend )    Read >>
Sorry doesn't fix anything  / Lynn Wheeler (Friend of sister )    Read >>
wow..... / Leese Last (passer by )    Read >>
Your baby boy!!  / Kara Matuzk (none)    Read >>
Amazingg.. / Joan Marilyn (I dont know him )    Read >>
I love you homie  / Robert Ruiz (best friend )    Read >>
Another POS mom  / Cindy Janikowski (POS)    Read >>
To My Son...  / Deanna Ferris (Mother)    Read >>
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